The Madonna Rose Blog

After much consideration I have decided to start a blog. I think it is a wonderful way to share some family recipes with you and keep you up to date on what you can expect from the restaurant.

I'll be whipping up some fun things at home this weekend, so look out for those posts next week! (hint, hint... Rhubard Pie Day and Tater Tot Day are coming up!!!) I really had no idea there were so many National Food Holidays but they sure do give some fun inspiration! I probably won't touch on them all but if there is a specific food holiday that is special to you, I'd love to hear about it.

We'll have to wait and see how much of this can be incorporated at The Madonna Rose Cafe, but rest assured that I'll share a ton of recipes and tips and tricks here so you can try them at home too! 

I want to hear from all of you as much as possible so comment below with anything you'd like to see here or in the restaurant. The Madonna Rose Cafe is as much about the memory of Madonna Rose, as it is about the patrons who come see us!

I know a lot of people say they want feedback, and then respond negatively if it isn't a glowing review. That's not the Madonna Rose Cafe. I want you to feel at home. So comment on the blog, send a message on Facebook, you can even shoot an email over and I promise your comments and ideas will be read and considered!

Be sure you are following the blog and also following The Madonna Rose Cafe on Facebook and on Instagram so you know when new posts are up! 

Here's to a great 2018!